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3 District Modern

Top 5 Shops for MCM Furniture and Décor in Long Beach

Whether you’re looking for a matching vintage modern sofa and love seat combo or a period starburst clock, there is a second hand store for you in Long Beach. Rest assured that one of the following top 5 Long Beach shops will have the perfect MCM furniture and Décor for you.


In-Depth: 3252 Stevely – The Ranchos

And all of the sudden, there are a bunch of Cliff Mays for sale across Southern California…and we decided to take a look at a few. Here’s our in-depth take on this turn-key property….

5 Native Foods

Top 6 Restaurants to Try Out in Tustin

The city of Tustin is known for its rich history, community-centered culture and great restaurants. Here’s our top 6 list of restaurants to stop by while visiting Tustin.