$190k better? The latest Ranchos flip hits the market.

Of course, with a flip it’s not just about the money, but about the time and stress (home renovations are an AMAZING experience, but they aren’t for everybody or everybody’s situation). This home sold about 2.5 months ago with 1 day on the market for $660k. It’s a bit of a bummer because I feel like this home would have been a great opportunity to someone who feels a little priced out of the current Ranchos market. As usual, we visited and here’s our take — the good and the bad. 

This home has a few additions — it started life as the smallest, 1130 square foot model. The front of the house was pulled out a few feet to create a larger entry area as well as an indoor laundry area. Additionally, this home has the ever-common master closet addition where the closets are relocated underneath the gable end eave. In an era of king-size beds, it definitely makes the bedroom more spacious. 

To be perfectly honest (and aren’t we always), I’m having a hard time getting excited about this house. Yes, the kitchen and baths are remodeled and there’s new flooring throughout. The house is turn-key, for sure, but the renovation feels a bit inconsistent and falls flat. The colors are…not my personal taste but they don’t seem to work. The taupe toilet and sink are either holdovers are the result of some absolutely killer (like free) deal from a supplier. I can’t imagine anyone choosing them. The windows have all been replaced (they look to be mid 80s tract home vintage) and the original doors and windows are long-gone. 

I don’t like to be completely negative, so let’s look at the positive: it’s an enlarged model in a quiet, interior location. The backyard feels big and has lots of possibilities. And perhaps, most importantly, it still has the courtyard, indoor-outdoor feel of a Cliff May. Now regarding the price, if anyone wants to hear our opinion — message us privately. 

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