4 Hours Left! New Cliff May Listing in the Ranchos

Beautifully Upgraded Ranchos Home

This home is a foreclosure and being auctioned off, online. The bidding ends today, 3/5/14 at approximately 3PM, PST.¬†This is a VERY unusual situation. It just hit the MLS and as of right now, the bidding is at $580,000. But this auction has a very important caveat, there is a 5% buyer’s premium and they are not accepting financed offers at this time. That means a $580k bid = $609k purchase price and you must pay in all cash. However, this home has some amazing upgrades and is a great example of some worthwhile modifications to a Cliff May. The assessor’s office puts the square footage just below 1600. We see a kitchen bumpout along the side of what was originally a 4 bedroom model.

I could go on and on, but I think the pictures speak for themselves in this property (see below). The kitchen is a great upgrade and I like the added windows in the master bedroom. A common complaint among Rancho Cliff Mays in Long Beach is that the pool homes often feel dominated by their swimming pools. Not this home, which offers a perfect layout of the pool to the side of the main outdoor entertaining areas.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # SB14043410 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

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