It’s BACK!!! A Cliff May from 2015 Returns!

This Cliff May might look familiar to you. It was last listed for sale in late 2015 for over $800k. With a new price under $800k and a healthy amount of square footage, this one is worth a second look. It’s located on a smaller, very quiet street. It’s also well-sited on the lot. And inside, there have been some improvement, which we’ll talk about in a second.

Right now, if you’re budget is $750k-$800k, you have more options than you’ve had in months. Sure, in the last week some of those have gone into escrow (Both properties on Lees) but it’s actually a pretty good time to be a buyer in the Ranchos. We just spoke with someone today who had fallen in love with the house on Volk (it was amazing and went into escrow within a week). But it was also priced in the mid $800s.

A home like this is great because it is a converted lanai model, which adds approximately 200 square feet of living space. There are no showings until this weekend, which is a bummer. This home is actually expanded in two ways that we can see: The lanai has been enclosed AND the wall on the kitchen side of the house was extended a few feet out under the eaves. This really adds to the usability of this plan. Judging by the wall heater, it would seem the lanai was converted a long time ago, into living space. The seller reports the square footage as 1475 but the county records show 1250. We checked the city records and both additions were included on the same permit application. It’s always good to check for yourself. [You can check here]

I do like a lot of their improvements, but I’m not sure the change in kitchen layout is an improvement over the original. The concrete floors turned out nice and the bathrooms are very serviceable. The yard is the same…it’s a great start and with 6,000 square feet, this is one of the bigger lots. There’s a lot of room and a lot of potential here. But that’s sort of the rub, is $800k the new price for a home that is livable today with some upgrades, but still has some work to do?

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