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It’s not a Cliff May…but you might like it more.

While we have, and always will focus on Cliff May homes, he did not have a monopoly on mid-century modern ranch homes. Not only were there architects who copied, but […]

REVIEW: 7225 Lanai St – Long Beach Ranchos

So we took a look at the new listing on 7225 Lanai St. Here’s our take: Want to take a look? We’re here to represent you as a buyer. Hit […]

New Rancho Under $800k

We didn’t like the pictures on the MLS so we decided to take our own on this one. This is one of those houses that isn’t exceptional in any particular way, […]

The Best Cliff May You’re May Be Overlooking

Sometimes we become so focused on a vision we have in our heads, that we fail to see what’s right in front of us, because it doesn’t “fit.” This is one […]

MCM Décor Inspiration from Modern Hotels in SoCal

Southern California is famous for its mid-century modern design. When looking for inspiration why not take a note from the examples of MCM-style SoCal Modern Hotels. Hotels often spend enormous amount of money on interiors to achieve the perfect look. Decorators in hospitality know what they’re doing. Their work provides great case studies for those interested in interior design, including mid-century modern designs.

Out of This World Lighting – Meteor Lights Custom Lighting

Depending on whom you ask, lighting can make or break a room. Whether or not this is true, what is a certainty a fact is the wrong style of lighting makes all the difference in the overall scheme of a design. Finding authentic reproduction lamps and light fixtures is not always an easy task. Thanks to Meteor Lights, a design studio that specializes in Mid-Century Modern and contemporary lighting, the search for design appropriate lighting is an easy, fun experience.