Cliff May… in Denver…

Courtyard looking in

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Okay, so this isn’t a Cliff May in SoCal…it’s a Cliff May in Colorado! Many people don’t realize that Cliff May actually built homes all around the country, with sizable neighborhoods in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. The Colorado neighborhood has really been coming up in the last fews, thanks largely to remodels like this one. It’s certainly a bit more contemporary, but the choices are all clean-lined and we can’t help but love the more mountain-themed landscape. Colorado Cliff Mays differ from their Southern California counterparts in that they were actually built on raised foundations and many of the secondary bedrooms only have the half-height windows — both accommodations made for the colder climate of Denver.


Visit the listing : 2505 South Lowell Blvd
Home is listed by Adrian Kinney


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Stephen has lived and worked in a Southern California Cliff May home since 2005. He created the popular website as well as the Cliff May registry. As a real estate broker, he has had the opportunity to sell numerous Cliff May and other modern ranch homes throughout Southern California. Being a leader in the real estate industry, he has been elected by his colleagues to serve as President of the Pacific West Association of Realtors in 2015. When not working hard for his clients and raising the bar in real estate, he can be found exercising his cars on the backroads or backpacking in the wilderness.


  1. Lauren Kelly-Hill says:

    Hi Stephen,
    So glad to find this website. I’m really obsessed with Cliff May homes. I collect a lot of the books about his homes, as well as watch the episodes on HGTV that have his homes for sale or that are being “flipped.” Would love to see any of the Cliff May homes when they are for sale, and you have an open house. We just bought a Spanish home in Fallbrook (north San Diego County) about 3 years ago, so it will be awhile before we buy again. But My next house WILL be a Cliff May home!

  2. Kecia woods says:

    The “Dream” to own a Cliff Bay ranch. My budget is small. Do you ever come across smaller Cliff Mays (a fixer) in the 300,000 range? I live in cookie cutter ranch currently. Only 800 sq ft on a 6,500 lot. Thought of tearing down and build my own cliff May I am in love w his design. Thanks

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