In-Depth: 3252 Stevely – The Ranchos

And all of the sudden, there are a bunch of Cliff Mays for sale across Southern California…and we decided to take a look at a few. Here’s our in-depth take on this turn-key property….


I love to see these homes respectfully modernized. I’ve often thought that owning a Cliff May was a bit like owning a Ford Mustang…it’s a classic! Some people like factory-original time capsules and other people like “resto-mods” which combines the best of the old with some well-thought updates. And this home is definitely in the latter category. It’s not perfect, but it really needs very little but furniture.

This is the smallest of the homes in the Ranchos, the 1130 square foot model. It’s more or less one “window” section shorter in the living room. And that cane make a very tight fit. I think the reconfiguration of the kitchen here is genius. There are no walls in the great room space and I think it makes this plan feel a bit larger than it is. I’m still a curious on furniture place; there’s always the ever important question of where to put the TV and couches for not only aesthetic correctness, but for functionality as well.

Most of the doors and windows here are original. Some of the french doors were replaced (if you want back the originals, they’re pretty to have made) but the real changes are in the secondary bedroom. Originally, these would have been the standard 5ft full-height windows. But one bedroom now has a slider (ewww!) and the other bedroom has a big plate glass window and a jalousie window. But nothing major. The bathrooms are a good style, while they might not be your exact choice, it’s hard to find fault with a more modern lofty-interpretation. The floating vanities make the small bathrooms feel bigger and I like the full tiling. Some homes have a very odious whiff of corner-cutting. Not here. It feels nice, clean, and complete.

The biggest question on these Stevely homes is always the yard. This one does have the side-entry garage space, which means the driveway eats up a lot of the already-small lot. But the courtyard is nice, and just and importantly, the backyard is usable too. Many of the homes that back to the nursery and power lines have a low-open fence to enhance the sight lines. Here they did the opposite — high hedges. While this masks the sight lines, it also masks the power lines and you consistently forget they’re even there — which is just about the best situations you can imagine.

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Stephen has lived and worked in a Southern California Cliff May home since 2005. He created the popular website as well as the Cliff May registry. As a real estate broker, he has had the opportunity to sell numerous Cliff May and other modern ranch homes throughout Southern California. Being a leader in the real estate industry, he has been elected by his colleagues to serve as President of the Pacific West Association of Realtors in 2015. When not working hard for his clients and raising the bar in real estate, he can be found exercising his cars on the backroads or backpacking in the wilderness.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Very nice flip. It’s too bad they got rid of the original windows and french doors in the “Jack & Jill” rooms (they were there in the pre-flip before photos). It’s the smallest in area, but the most expensive in dollars per square foot at $654! If we sell our Cliff May at that price, it will be over $835K!!!

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