Hunting for the Perfect MCM Bar Stool

Many mid-century homes include an eat-in kitchen with a bar-height counter, often alongside the cooktop. Our newly purchased home, built in the 1950s, boasts this feature. I have been looking for the perfect pair of modern bar stools for my mid-century home for what feels like months now. My budget is solidly set at $300 total for the two stools. After visiting a number of local furniture dealers and antique stores I came up empty handed. I formed the conclusion that searching online was the best bet for my mid-century modern bar stool hunt. I found a lot of great options across various sites.

1 MCM stools yellow Craigslist - Hunting for the Perfect MCM Bar Stool 07.15.2014These beautiful mid-century modern bar stools found off of Craigslist are functional and appear to be in great condition. I have been looking for an adjustable set of stools, preferably vinyl, as these ones are. $40 per chair is a great price for the level of quality and authenticity they seem to have. Still, the yellow hue doesn’t work with the color scheme of our kitchen, so I quickly decide to continue my search. I plan to have these bar stools for a long time so everything about them needs to be a match for the space.

2 Santi Bar Stool - Hunting for the Perfect MCM Bar Stool 07.15.2014The Santi Adjustable Bar Stool in Walnut available at Target unmistakably references the modern aesthetic with its mixture of bent plywood, free-flowing design and upholstery. Target is clearly no longer just the place where you can pick up diapers, sunblock and a bicycle. $160 for each bar stool is too expensive, and unlike on Craigslist I would not be able to negotiate the price down. The cost of these chairs would seem a lot more reasonable if they were authentic, antique MCM pieces. For how lovely the stools are, it is easy for me to walk away.

3 Crescent MW bar stool - Hunting for the Perfect MCM Bar Stool 07.15.2014I found this gorgeous MCM bar stool design while searching way out of my price range. The Crescent MW Barstool by soho concept truly calls to me. The piece looks like it came straight out of a luxurious 1950s lounge. The sleek design, finishes and color would definitely add richness to the space. However, at $416 each, it just wouldn’t be possible. That didn’t stop me from pinning it to my Fantasy Kitchen Pinterest board.

4 Hamilton Cosco stools - Hunting for the Perfect MCM Bar Stool 07.15.2014These Hamilton Cosco stools available on Etsy were the front-runners of my recent searches. Their rich orange hue would certainly pop in our kitchen. The set of two bar stools would cost just about $300 with tax, which would be my entire budget, but they seemed worth it. I would have a hard time getting the color approved with my husband, but I figured that could be dealt with after they arrived. I couldn’t see any other issues off the bat. Had I found the perfect bar stools? I realized I had forgotten about the shipping cost, which totals $50. I let out a long sigh. That was the coup de grâce for these stools.

I wish I could say I completed my self-appointed quest and found the perfect bar stools, but sadly the counter of my eat-in kitchen remains chair-less as the sad location of our pile of mail. I plan to continue my search and hope that soon I will stumble across the MCM stools of my dreams.


If you have found a great resource for bar stools or other MCM decor, we would love to know more about it! Shoot us an email or comment below! If you would like to find Mid-Century Modern home or have any questions on the home buying processes, feel free to Email us or call at anytime. Stephen, 949-280-6481.

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Sarah Roullard Le

Sarah Roullard Le is a marketing consultant and professional writer. She and her husband own a mid-century modern home in Anaheim, California. They have exciting plans to update their home while preserving its mid-century quirks and character. Sarah enjoys exploring Orange County to find the best deals and eats. When she isn’t blogging here, Sarah can be found in the garden.

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