MCM Décor Inspiration from Modern Hotels in SoCal

Southern California is famous for its mid-century modern design. When looking for inspiration why not take a note from the examples of MCM-style SoCal Modern Hotels. Hotels often spend enormous amount of money on interiors to achieve the perfect look. Decorators in hospitality know what they’re doing. Their work provides great case studies for those interested in interior design, including mid-century modern designs.

Take The Parker in Palm Springs, for example. This iconic hotel is famous for its glamorous mid-century modern style. Guests are immediately greeted by up-scale MCM furniture and décor at the front entrance and lobby. Opulent lighting fixtures, plush seating and geometric shapes set the bar high. Sculptural Danish-inspired chairs along with partridge-shaped saltshakers and peppershakers enhance the dining room. Mixes of textures and shapes combined with the luxurious furniture, lighting fixtures and accent pieces elevate The Parker’s refined style.

Hollywood regency and mid-century modern intermingle at Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel, formerly the Beverly Carlton, is located in the land of the rich and famous and was host to many Golden Age stars, so it is only fitting that it incorporate the design styles most associated with elegance and refinement. From the start, the hotel stuns guests with large installations of gorgeous natural stone juxtaposed against reflective metal accents. Guests’ eyes are taken for a ride in the bar and lounge with glitz and glam throughout the room.

The interior designers behind Avalon Hotel’s luxurious experience didn’t skimp on the outdoor space. Plush, high-end MCM couches and chairs sit poolside in and around cabanas with breathtaking geometric-print backdrops. The hotel’s luxurious bedrooms feature contrasting textures paired with chrome finishes. The minimal use of accent pieces turn the textural materials into focal points in the room.

Hotel Maya in Long Beach is noted for its mod-theme. The cheerful mod lobby stands out before guests event step through with its high-impact segmented glass wall with pops of red-colored glass panes. Inside, mod furniture and fixtures dazzle the eyes. The hotel’s rooms are subtly mod with contemporary accents. Hotel Maya’s outdoor lounge harkens back to MCM style with its boxy mod club chairs and staggered plank-wood canopy walls.

Bubble lamps, shag rugs and poolside butterfly lounge chairs await guests at The Pearl retro motel in San Diego. The hotel makes its motel past a part of the experience, blending it with polished modern prints and textures. The outdoors space includes iconic modern furniture and romantic MCM lighting fixtures. The Pearl’s rooms feature a sophisticated mix of materials to achieve an enticing yet relaxing atmosphere.

Palm Springs is the Mecca for Southern California mid-century modern design. The Palm Springs Rendezvous bed and breakfast is a small, boutique hotel boasting big charm and style. The hotel’s lounge area features 50’s diner style dining sets. Each room has a theme from the era with photographs, furniture and accent pieces all tied in. For example the “Hawaiian Surf” room has a mod teal platform bed, a wicker surfboard shaped coffee table, mod furniture and accents. The bold shapes of the room’s focal furniture keep the theme fresh and not kitsch. It is clear that the B&B’s interior designers have a penchant for subtly matching upholstery in a room. For example, the “Route 66” room features two distinctive armchairs that are upholstered in the same fabric as the headboard. The achieved look is sharp and pulled together.

Matching finishes can sometimes look boring when done across many pieces in a room. To avoid this, Palm Spring Rendezvous subtly matches just a few pieces, such as the chrome accents in the “TV Shows” room. In contrast, the hotel’s decorators weren’t afraid to go over the top in the “Pretty in Pink” room where almost every surface has a splash of pink. Accent pieces distract the eye and prevent guests from being overwhelmed, such as the sculptural chrome lighting piece that cascades over the chaise lounge.

When you next get the chance to get out of your house and visit a mid-century modern style hotel, take advantage of your time. Take note of the arrangement and balance of textures and sizes in their interior design. You may learn more than you think about decorating your own place.

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Sarah Roullard Le

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