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On-Market Review: 3209 Ave – Long Beach, CA

Cliff May homes in the Long Beach Ranchos are are a lot like classic cars. If you have ever bought a classic car (or better yet, restored a classic car), you know that some things looks pretty bad, but are pretty easily fixed Some things don’t look too bad, but result in copious amounts of blood, sweat, and tears. And so it goes with Cliff May homes. After you’ve been around them enough, you start to develop an internal check-list…things that you want to see in any house and things that you want to avoid. And that’s what makes this particular house a great option: it checks all the right boxes on our list.

Nearly all Cliff Mays in the Ranchos will require some work. This is simply the reality of the real estate market under the present conditions. But what kind of work makes all of the difference. Our perception online and in person is that this house has been well-maintained and shows some pride of ownership. On all-wood home, this is especially important. A 5-figure termite bill is not only no-fun, it means less of a budget for more cosmetic items. The exterior here has also been freshly painted. The color scheme may not be my favorite, and is a bit of a missed opportunity, but it’s not something any new owner has to deal with. In fact, one of the greatest things about this house is that it doesn’t really have many immediate needs for move-in. If you’re plan is to buy now and upgrade over time — this house will work for that. Also, it still has the original colored bathroom suites…blue in the hall bath and salmon in the master. We’ve seen a lot of cool bathrooms that use a hybrid of original elements along with some newer pieces as well.

To be balanced and forthcoming, this house isn’t perfect. If it were, it would be priced considerably higher. Two of the door sets have been replaced with 80s black anodized aluminum sliding doors. It’s a bit tragic, but the simplicity of the original Cliff May doors means they aren’t too difficult to replace. The kitchen, likewise, is a place that could use some attention. It’s well-maintained and totally usable as-is, but doesn’t fit the house. Retrofitting the Cliff May doors in place of the sliders, new unified flooring, and an Ikea kitchen would go a long way to transforming this house. It’s the proverbial “great bones” — good quiet location, well-maintained, and pridefully owned. It even has A/C.

Conclusion: Great bones for those on a budget.

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Stephen has lived and worked in a Southern California Cliff May home since 2005. He created the popular website as well as the Cliff May registry. As a real estate broker, he has had the opportunity to sell numerous Cliff May and other modern ranch homes throughout Southern California. Being a leader in the real estate industry, he has been elected by his colleagues to serve as President of the Pacific West Association of Realtors in 2015. When not working hard for his clients and raising the bar in real estate, he can be found exercising his cars on the backroads or backpacking in the wilderness.

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