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Top 5 Shops for MCM Furniture and Décor in Long Beach

Whether you’re looking for a matching vintage modern sofa and love seat combo or a period starburst clock, there is a second hand store for you in Long Beach. Rest assured that one of the following top 5 Long Beach shops will have the perfect MCM furniture and Décor for you.

In-Depth: 3252 Stevely – The Ranchos

And all of the sudden, there are a bunch of Cliff Mays for sale across Southern California…and we decided to take a look at a few. Here’s our in-depth take on this turn-key property….

SOLD! 13061 Wreath Place, Tustin Cliff May

This Cliff May-designed ranch home is in a class of one. Situated on nearly 10,000 square feet of land, you can enjoy the spacious grounds the way Cliff May intended. Immaculately maintained, it offers just under 1400 square feet of living area.

Container Gardening Under the SoCal Sun Cliff May style

Container gardening is a fun and fresh way to grow your own vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The moveable containers used for this method of gardening grants you the flexibility of making the growing spaces work for your lifestyle.

NEW LISTING: Long Beach Ranchos < $600k

On-Market Review: 3209 Ave – Long Beach, CA Cliff May homes in the Long Beach Ranchos are are a lot like classic cars. If you have ever bought a classic […]

Book Review: Living the Dream in a Cliff May

Prospective buyers of Cliff May homes are sure to be interested in two relatively new books, both of which are readily available in libraries or through Amazon. Taken together, they provide different perspectives on these extraordinary homes.

Pinterest Contest: Cliff May SoCal In Spring!

Cliff May SoCal is running a Pinerest contest all through the month of May and we can’t wait to see what you pin! We are calling our contest “Cliff May […]

Off The Shelf or Do It Yourself – Decorating your Mid-Century Home

Decorating and accessorizing a mid-century home has to be one of the most fun aspects of owning one. You know which Nelson pendant lamp you love and you can probably spot an Arne Jacobsen classic at fifty paces but what can you do when you have Eames taste and Target money?

“Patio Living” – A Change For The Better

Over the many years he designed and sold his ranch homes, Cliff May made bold changes to help evolve the layout and function of the homes for their residents.

Cliff May living – Inside out

Cliff May houses are built with a number of geometric patterns, which makes creating an outdoor space for these homes a joy. When looking at the exterior of a Cliff May, the vertical lines line up with the roof joists. The effect is an open but rectilinear façade. The clerestory windows—the long triangular windows near the roofline—also create an interesting architectural feature. While letting in natural light from an elevated height, the windows also make for distinctive exterior details that really set these homes apart.