Top 6 Restaurants to Try Out in Tustin

The city of Tustin is known for its rich history, community-centered culture and great restaurants. Here’s our top 6 list of restaurants to stop by while visiting Tustin.

1. Peter’s Gourmade Grill

Peter Stavros’ restaurant is well known for, well, its entire menu it would seem. If the word “Gourmade” doesn’t seem like a real word it’s because it’s a combined form of “gourmet” and “homemade,” invented by Peter himself. According to Yelp reviews, the most recommended items include Greek fries, the Hermanator with jalapeños and the ABC burger with avocado, bacon and cheddar. Many regard their burgers as one of the best in Orange County.


2. Rasoi Curry Point

If you are craving something spicy, head to Rasoi Curry Point. They offer authentic Indian food made with in-house ground spices by chefs who hail from Hyderbad, India. Rasoi offers a daily lunch box meal with a variety of dishes that comes highly recommended. With exceptional food, great service and clean facilities, this Indian restaurant in Tustin is a true crowd pleaser.

2 Rasoi Curry Point

3. Claro’s Italian Market

Italian cuisine has a reputation for satisfying a variety of cravings. Claro’s doesn’t disappoint with its belly-warming, tasty comfort food. The sandwiches in particular are a favorite of many loyal Claro patrons. Try the meatball sub and a pastry, but just make sure you get there with enough time to spare, as there is often a wait typically during the lunch rush. Claro’s has locations across Southern California.


4. Hole Mole

A list of top restaurants in a Southern California city would not be complete without a Mexican eatery. This place is a popular Taco Tuesday destination and the fish tacos are very popular with regulars. Patrons also talk about their shrimp ceviche being exceptional. Hole Mole offers breakfast as well with delicious options including machaca, huevos rancheros and steak and eggs.

4 Hole Mole Shrimp Ceviche

5. Native Foods Café

Foodies, vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious eaters alike can all find a scrumptious meal at Native Foods Café in Tustin. The café provides a gourmet experience at just one Yelp! dollar sign. Their vegan takes on classic dishes such as the deli Reuben sandwich, bacon cheeseburger and meatball sub sandwich. The cuisine at Native Foods Café may confuse you as it would seem too hearty and rich to not include meat and dairy as ingredients, but it is! Their lavender lemonade and watermelon fresca are definitely worth a try, as well.

5 Native Foods

6. Gen Korean BBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House is a polar opposite of the previous restaurant on the list, but just as well rated. The cook your own meal trend has been spearheaded by Korean BBQ restaurants. Who doesn’t love all the satisfaction of preparing delicious food without having to deal with preparation or clean up? Hawaiin steak, kobe brisket and short ribs are popular orders for patrons. Yelp reviewers also rave about the delicious, beautiful ice cream macarons.

6 Gen Korean BBQ House

Those who identify as picky eaters, culinary adventurers or anything in between will be able to find something delicious at every place on this list. If you plan to try out any of these restaurants, be sure to tell us how they stacked up in the comments section below.

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