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Depending on whom you ask, lighting can make or break a room. Whether or not this is true, what is certainly a fact is the wrong style of lighting makes all the difference in the overall scheme of a design. Finding authentic reproduction lamps and light fixtures is not always an easy task. Thanks to Meteor Lights, a design studio that specializes in Mid-Century Modern and contemporary lighting, the search for design appropriate lighting is an easy, fun experience.

Founded in 1996, Meteor Lights is located in the Mission District of San Francisco, California, but the store ships custom-made lights right to your doorstep. In fact, their designs can be found in five-star restaurants, newly built homes, dive bars, coffee shops, and renovated Mid-Century Modern homes across the United States.

Red and Lemon three tier

The iconic pendant lamp is a favorite at Meteor Lights, and you can choose the hardware set that works for your space—either hard-wired for installation in your dining room ceiling or a plug-in pendant swag alternative. All of the lampshades available from Meteor Lights can be converted into pendant lamps, and tall shades can also be ordered from the store.


Meteor Lights offers two very popular styles of lampshades for your Mid-Century Modern home. The tiered lampshade designs are a favorite among designers and homeowners alike. The Two-Tier, Reverse Two-Tier, and Three-Tier lampshades are inspired by 1940s and 1950s styles and often replace old and worn shades found at thrift shops or grandma’s attic. Sometimes referred to as double or triple-decker lights—and even sometimes called “birthday cake” lampshades—the shades come in four different sizes, from small to extra large.


The wide variety of shapes offers diverse options for décor. The small Reverse Two-Tier shade, for instance, looks great with Tiki lamps and Danish Modern table lamps. The extra large Three-Tier shade makes for a dramatic 1950s-inspired entry light fixture.

If your taste is more atomic in nature, the store offers three different shades that are a little on the wild side, and definitely more playful. The Atomic Two-Tiered and Reverse Atomic Two-Tiered lampshades offer a drum-shaped and a flared tier that come together in a Jetsons style accessory perfect for your favorite vintage lamp.


The Atomic Three-Tier shade is perfect for hanging over your Mid-Century Modern kitchen table. Customize the pendant by choosing your favorite colors and the pattern that fits best with your design scheme. Meteor Lights also offers custom made drum, small cone, and square lampshades so you can coordinate all of your lighting in one space.

The lampshades made by Meteor Lights are constructed from fiberglass and resin parchment, just like the pendants that graced homes during the mid-twentieth century. Each drum and barrel shade is hand stained to achieve the precise color desired. The craftsmen can even match colors to fabric swatches, paint samples, or shades in the Pantone Guide. The shades are very translucent, but not transparent, to provide your space with a soft, gentle glow.

Turquoise shade

Depending on where you want to place your lamp, as well as how you plan to use the light, some designs work better than others. If you’re working on a do-it-yourself renovation project for your Mid-Century Modern home, the experts at Meteor Lights can help you select the best design for your needs.


In the market for something different? A consultation with the lighting artists at Meteor Lights can lead you to some truly unique designs. The Majestic Z-Lamp tambourine shade for example, features a classic zig-zag design on a very flat cylindrical shade, while the Danish Modern floor lamp’s inverted cone shade gives your living room a distinctive bit of pizzazz in a functional piece.

Meteor Lights invites you and your interior designer to visit their artisans in their storefront workshop to view the products in person. The store offers a select number of ready-made shades for purchase, but most homeowners find that the fun lies in picking the color and pattern for their very own Mid-Century Modern inspired shade.



From vibrant aqua, crisp jade, and brilliant coral to pale yellow, soft sage, and simple white, just about any color you can dream of may be chosen to adorn your lights. Arcs, majestic zig-zags, streaks, and swirls add dimension and detail to your custom lights that can be adjusted in height—some people prefer tall shades—to fit your room’s design.

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